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24 Magazine Article

There is a new magazine out on the 24 TV Series. The articles are informative and the photos great.

I have typed an excerpt from the article, Access All Areas, which was written by Tara DiLullo. James Morrison made some comments in this article.

Life of an Actor has no commercial interest in this article/photo and agrees that all rights remain with its authors. If you would like a subscription to the 24 Magazine please go to http://www.fox.com/24/

A two-year veteran of the show, actor James Morrison (Buchanan) has graduated into the meaty role of Director of LA’s CTU on the day Jack Bauer is brought back from the dead and terrorists are trying to nerve gas the city. Probably a good day to have maybe called in sick, but Morrison laughs and says he loves all of the tension and drama this season. In these episodes particular, Buchanan is not only in a fight against the clock to save the city, but his job is on the line, too. It’s a perfect example of the typical 24 blend of personal and professional stress, which humanizes the characters on the show. Morrison concurs, explaining Buchanan’s quandary. "The main objective is to stop terrorists with the nerve gas, out to complicate that there is a power struggle going on – a bureaucratic, departmental power struggle to usurp my control in CTU. It started early on in the season with Lynn McGill, Sean Astin’s character. It’s the curveball that I’ve been thrown and it’s always been the undercurrent, the B-story if you will, with the interdepartmental politics and the bureaucratic finagling for the top spot. Its management everywhere," he chuckles. It also puts a CTU Director back in the position of being an ally for Jack Bauer, which Morrison appreciates. "One of the most interesting dynamics of the relationship between Jack and I from last year was when I realized right away that his often-times questionable methods of accomplishing a given task, are more often than not, the best way to go in spite of the rules."



This review and captured pictures is provided solely as a record of James Morrison's work as an actor, and does not intend or imply any infringement of any copyrights or trademark.

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