I’m Getting Remarried in the Morning

BOB (September 1992 - December 1993) -- season one, episode 20 -- "I’m Getting Remarried in the Morning" Relegated to closing credit billing, this may have been James Morrison’s briefest episodic TV guest appearance. He had only 5 lines of dialogue ("Do you Bob..." "Oh, I’m sorry... Do you Jerry take Kay..." "Am I in the right dell?" "I now pronounce you, once again, man and wife." "You want to renew your vows as well?") And exactly 51 seconds of screen time.

Morrison played a priest hired to conduct the renewal of wedding vows for Bob and Kaye on their silver wedding anniversary. But the romance faded when the McKays ran into unexpected delays including a convenience store robbery.

Bob McKay (Bob Newhart) had been working as an artist for the Chicago-based Schmitt Greeting Card Company for 20 years when he thought his dream had come true. In his younger days he had created a canine comic-book character called "Mad-God" that had lasted for only 12 issues, and now ACE Comics wanted to revive the character.

What Bob didn’t realize was that Harlan (John Cygan), the obnoxious, manipulative senior story editor at ACE, had taken Bob’s decent superhero and turned Mad-Dog into a bloodthirsty vigilante. The president of ACE, Mr. Terhorst, who only communicated by phone, decided that if the two worked together they could create a truly great comic-book hero.

Theirs was an uneasy alliance, with constant bickering about the way Mad-Dog stories should go. Other eccentrics at ACE were Trisha (Cynthia Stevenson), Bob’s flaky daughter, who colored the comic frames; Albie (Andrew Bilgore), the klutzy gofer with a crush on Trisha; Chad (Timothy Fall), the spaced-out cartoon inkier; and Iris (Ruth Kobart), the crotchety old-timer who had seen it all. Kaye (Carlene Watkins) was Bob’s sensible wife of 25 years, and Shayla (Christine Dunford) was Harlan’s pushy bimbo girlfriend.

In the last episode of the ‘92-’93 season the conglomerate that owned ACE Comics sold out to a millionaire who hated comic books, and the entire Mad-Dog staff, including Bob, was fired. When the series returned that fall Sylvia Schmitt (Betty White), the wife of his former boss, offered Bob the presidency of Shcmitt Greetings to replace her husband, who had run off with his dental hygienist. Sylvia’s obnoxious son, Pete (Jere Burns), the sales VP who had expected to take over the company and now had to work for Bob, was irate. Others at Schmitt were Chris (Megan Cavanagh), the sarcastic bookkeeper, and Whitey (Eric Allan Kramer), a huge dumb guy from the production area who adored Bob. The changes in the cast and a softening of Bob Newhart’s character didn’t help the ratings. Only five episodes of the "new" Bob aired before it was cancelled.

Other guest-stars included Steve Lawrence and Tom Poston, who played "George" on NEWHART. Synopsized from a review in THE COMPLETE DIRECTORY TO PRIME TIME NETWORK AND CABLE TV SHOWS by Tim Brooks.

This review and captured pictures is provided solely as a record of James Morrison's work as an actor, and does not intend or imply any infringement of any copyrights or trademark.

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