In November of 1977, BULLSHOT CRUMMOND was produced by the Salt Lake Acting Company. James Morrison played the title role, Bullshot Crummond.

Professor Fenton (a wild-haired Einstein type) is kidnapped by Otto Von Brunno and his assistant/wife, Lenya (respectively a heel clicking German and seductress). They try to torture Prof. Fenton to get the formula to manufacture "zinzetic" diamonds. Of course, they haven't got a chance when Bullshot Crummond (an aristocratic Englishman whose crime-solving ability is matched only by his ego) and Prof. Fenton's daughter, Rosemary (a Julie Andrews-type with a body), are just one step behind him.

To rescue Prof. Fenton, Crummond uses every absurd method ever devised including carrier pigeons, disguises, incredible deduction, bugging equipment, voice impersonations, signals and still others. And developing through all of this is a romance between Rosemary and Crummond. Synopsized from review by Colleen Reichert for Chronicle

"The opening scene sets the stage for the craziness that continues throughout the play. The effect of a crashing plane is achieved by someone in the back room dangling a model airplane in front of a spotlight throwing shadow on the backdrop. Fritz, Lenya Von Brunno's pet vulture, is a few feathers stuck on a cardboard bird. Wigs that sort of fit and dowdy costumes are other highlights of the production….

"In BULLSHOT CRUMMOND the adjectives good and bad take on a very relative meaning. If the sets and costumes weren't so bad, the play wouldn't be so good. This also holds true for the acting. By the standards of any serious production, it would be awful. But for BULLSHOT CRUMMOND it is perfect. The play succeeds because it isn't mediocre, it is really bad -- but the actors are so good at being bad. Louis Borgenicht as Otto Von Brunno and James Morrison as Crummond are especially good (or bad)." Colleen Reichert

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