In the 1979-1980 season the Salt Lake Acting Company performed DISCO WORLD at the Glass Factory Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah. Cris Paulsen with Frank Schmuck III wrote DISCO WORLD. Cris Paulsen also directed the play. James Morrison played the role of Johnny the Slick.

The narrator of Disco World said it best:

Discoworld.jpg (37412 bytes)This is the story of love and romance, the story of dance and intrigue. It is the story of Johnny the Slick, Disco King, the right kid from the wrong side of the tracks, done good and his heartthrob girlfriend, Wistful Green, the Disco Queen. It was played against the backdrop of their favorite disco, 'The Revolver', where they meet Warlock Punkskin and his evil gang. Wistful's father, Mr. Green is in cahoots with Warlock in hopes of breaking up the relationship between Johnny and Wistful. It backfires on him as Wistful ends up falling in love with Warlock. Which of the two is the lesser of two evils is up to the audience to decide.

It is, in it's simplicity, the story of star-crossed love.

Summery provided by Jack Vetterli




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