Doogie Howser has left the building

DOOGIE HOWSER, M.D. (September 1989 - July 1993) -- season 3, episodes ? -- "Doogie Howser has left the building" parts 1 and 2

In this emotional piece, James Morrison plays Mr. Stevens. Stevens is the father of a child patient dying of leukemia -- even as his wife is about to deliver another child. Having survived leukemia himself, Doogie champions the child despite the hospital's inability to find a bone-marrow donor.

"My son is dying of leukemia, and your giving him, what, a 20000 to one shot? Is that the best you've got?" As one child with little chance of survival lies in another room, Stevens coaches his wife through labor and the miracle of birth -- a miracle that could prove twofold if Doogie Howser has anything to say about it.


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