135 N. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90012
(213) 628-2772
Photographer Scott Supak

In the middle of the Music Center Plaza, looking like a richly frosted cake is the Mark Taper Forum, which opened in 1967 with John Whiting's "The Devils." With 760 seats surrounding a large thrust stage, there is literally not a bad seat in the facility. A comfortably steep rake offers all the advantages of the amphitheater design, including excellent acoustics.

The Tony-winning Taper offers a varied menu of theatrical fare from comedy to drama, and has been the site of numerous premieres that have gone on to Broadway, including Michael Cristofer's "Children of a Lesser God," part two of "Angels in America," and Lanford Wilson's "Burn This."

The Spotlight Cafe can be found on the plaza in front of the Taper, along with tables and chairs for relaxing before the show and during intermission. Hint: When the intriguing fountain nearby is not spouting, do not wander into it. It will spout again in a second or two. The Taper provides complete access for the disabled, and hearing devices are available in the lobby.

--T.H. McCulloh

Capacity: The indoor theater has 750 seats. Performances: Live theater. Tickets: Available at the box office and online. Prices vary. Parking: $7


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