All in a Day’s Work

MONSTERS (syndicated, October 1988 - 1990) -- season 1, episode ? -- "All in a Day’s Work" With second billing in this four person, half-hour horror/drama, James Morrison plays a student studying pagan magical practices whose ignorant dabbling manifests an evil twin.

"I’ve got a doppleganger, a double. Maybe everyone does, but mine has manifested itself.... The first few times it was at Grand Central. I’d be getting off a train. I’d be walking toward the stairs. It would be getting on another train -- my double. I’d be staring at myself. He always waits for me to see it -- staring at me....
Now it’s gotten bolder. It goes places that I go. I went into the deli around the corner yesterday, he smiled and said ‘back so soon, did you forget something?’ I hadn’t been there in a week. Last night it was in my apartment. I don’t know what to do. I think it’s trying to take over my life."

In the hands of a good witch (Adrienne Barbeau) whose specialty is love potions, Stephen Rose loses his intrusive, relentless doppleganger and finds real love -- along with her curious young son and a demonic housekeeper.

Emmy-winning independent filmmaker and director of this installment, Allen Coulter, says the biggest challenge when directing a MONSTERS episode is to deliver the unexpected. "What I try to do is bring some sort of deadpan humor and irony. I don’t think that’s usually expected in this sort of programming.

"I’ve also tried to cast these shows as close to feature-style casting as I could, and then direct in a way that the performances are really low-key, as opposed to over-the-top." Coulter feels this low-key approach maximizes the horrific aspects because "the supernatural seems more natural. It becomes more plausible because I underplay it." Interview by David Everitt for Fangoria

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