BOOMTOWN, season 4 -- episode18. James Morrison plays Peter Callan.

Peter Callan, the owner of a software firm that designs a hugely successful handheld game called Play Case, several of his ITA Software employees are killed or threatened by unusually sophisticated bombs and the police track the electronic components to a disgruntled former ITA employee named Calvin Reddick.

Calvin holds a serious grudge against ITA for, he claims, stealing his design. He even took them to court, but lost his case. The police review ITA records, and confront Calvin's ex-supervisor at ITA, Gretchen Hale, with evidence that she stole his design for Play Case. Flashing Gretchen a brief, but expressive look of betrayal, Peter promptly fires her. Next, he meets with Calvin and offers restitution, but unfortunately, Calvin has already planted his last little surprise, a bomb intended to rupture a gas main downtown. Although Calvin maintains there's no way to defuse the bomb in time, Nash and his team manage the trick with one minute to spare.

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