Point Pleasant


PILOT – Season 1, Episode 1 – Aired: 01/19/05. James Morrison played the character, Kingston Nickson.

The quiet beach community of POINT PLEASANT is about to get much louder when a sudden, violent storm washes in more than the tide.  Local lifeguard Jesse spies Christina floating in the sea and immediately dives in to save her life.  He takes her to the home of Dr. Ben Kramer, whose daughter Judy and wife Meg take an immediate liking to Christina.  For Christina, Point Pleasant offers both respite from her protected boarding-school existence in New York, and the opportunity to search for her mother, Anne - who, surprisingly, grew up in the area but has never been a part of Christina's life.  Aside from the Kramers' fondness for her, and Jesse's budding attraction, it seems that secret desires, repressed feelings and heightened emotions inexplicably begin to flare when Christina is near.  Christina never knew her mother, and doesn't realize that she's never truly known her father, either.  Christina is the offspring of a mortal woman and the Devil - and although she doesn't know it, the battle for her soul has begun.

Two well-dressed men meet in a sunny park. One man is known as Boyd, who works for a force far more sinister than can be imagined. The other man is Kingston, the man who raised Christina. Boyd tells Kingston that he's done his job and it's time for the world to take its toll on Christina. "But she doesn't understand, her emotions, what they can do," Kingston pleads. Boyd listens apathetically. It's out of Kingston's hands now; Christina's real father is in control now.

HUMAN NATURE - Season 1, Episode 2 – Aired: 01/20/05.

The Kramers and Christina gather for dinner. Ben tries to convince the family to help him fix up his boat for the Point Pleasant Harbor Parade, but Duke, the family dog, interrupts them. Duke is barking at Christina, but the family doesn't know why.

Boyd meets with Kingston again, he wants Kingston to stop worrying and let the town bring about her full powers. Boyd knows that Point Pleasant will soon be the ultimate battleground for good versus evil. When Kingston offers to go to Point Pleasant to keep an eye on Christina, Boyd steps in…he'll be going.

Christina is packing the Kramer's van with supplies for the Harbor Parade. When she turns around, Duke is snarling and barking at her. Christina turns and yells, "NO!" A vicious scratch cuts along the side of Duke and he howls away. "It's always the quiet towns," Boyd walks up to Christina. Christina backs away, afraid. "Do I know you?" she asks. Boyd offers a twisted smile and replies, "No, not yet."

WHO’S YOUR DADDY - Season 1, Episode 3 – Aired: 01/27/05.

Christina is on the phone pleading with Kingston's answering machine, "Where are you?" Kingston sits nearby listening, fighting the urge to help her. She also notices an old message on the machine, it's father David. "Dr. Kramer, this is father David, you may be in some danger." Judy asks who it was and Christina lies. She tells Judy that Father Tomas found something about her mother. Christina heads for the church.

Father Tomas is alone in the church reading a bible for clues to Christina's history. A water droplet falls from above and form's the 666 symbol. She's coming.

Father Tomas stands up and removes a knife from the drawer, suddenly Christina bursts in. Christina grabs his hands and begins to pray. Father Tomas collapses to the floor, something is pulling him down, and he screams, "Get out!"

Outside the church, Kingston waits in a limo. Christina crawls in and wants answers. Kingston tells her that he's just a pawn in a larger game and there's nothing he can do. He can no longer be her father. Before she leaves, he tells her not to fight it because people will only get hurt. After Christina leaves, Boyd is sitting in the front seat, making sure all went as planned.

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