Space: Above & Beyond

We thought we were alone.
We believed the universe was ours.
Until one night in 2063 On an earth colony sixteen light years away
They struck
And now we're at war
My name is Lt. Colonel T.C. McQueen
I'm an In-vitro
A race of artificially gestated humans
I command a Marine Corp squadron, The 58th
They call us the 'Wild Cards'
We fight when called
In space, on land, and at sea
To lose this war means more than defeat
To surrender is to never go home
All of us must rise to the call
Above and Beyond

Those of you who have been visiting us regularly here at the James Morrison: Life Of An Actor are in for another treat. The Fan Resources web team of Jack Vetterli's Official Morrison website have developed an in-depth review of LCOL TC McQueen, the character portrayed by James Morrison in Space: Above & Beyond. This project thus far is truly outstanding. So much so that I asked permission from Jack to link with his website (which he graciously approved). This linkage not only facilitates the transfer of information, but also allows the Life of an Actor website to return its emphasis to the areas where it can be more productive. Again, you will not find a better review of McQueen anywhere on the web! Please board your Hammerhead and plot a course to:


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