Shadow Play

Seven Days (October 1998 - present) -- season one, episode 7 -- "Shadow Play" In this UPN developed, sci-fi drama James Morrison plays Cotter, a hitman for a group of bad NSA agents.

With a device that can send one human being back in time 7 days, a covert military intelligence unit tries to undo mistakes in recent history. Recruit Frank Parker is a CIA agent whose means of travel is Back-Step, the code-name for a huge spherical device that was built from technology recovered from Roswell.

7days1.jpg (27901 bytes)7days2.jpg (22591 bytes)After a NSA data analysis office is bombed, Frank is sent back in time to prevent the bombing and arrest and question the only survivor, a computer programmer named Rebecca Rhodes. He arrests Rebecca and tries to evacuate the building, but the bomber overhears his plea and detonates the bomb early. As Frank cuffs Rebecca to the steering wheel of his car outside, the building explodes.

Frank accuses Rebecca of being involved, but a subsequent shootout changes his mind. The bomber and his hitman (Morrison) accomplice take aim at the duo. Frank fires back and kills the bomber, but Cotter escapes. On the bomber’s body, Frank finds a NSA ID badge.

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Frank calls his superior, Donovan, and informs him of his mission. Frank mentions that he has Rebecca and that he’s bringing her in. Donovan contacts Luthor Bradley, top man at the NSA office, to update him on the case.

7days5.jpg (18091 bytes)But upon their arrival, Frank and Rebecca are fired upon by Cotter from a nearby rooftop. Rebecca is nicked in the shoulder, and Frank suspects a leak in the NSA has set them up. He pulls Rebecca away from the scene, believing she was the intended target all along.

Bradley at the NSA headquarters begins an investigation into the incident, and, separately, so does Donovan’s team.

After questioning Rebecca, Frank discovers that she may have stumbled upon something dangerous from her research at the data analysis office. Together they conspire to recover the data that Rebecca found to try and discover who is behind the violence. They venture into a computer store to access the Internet. Rebecca hacks into NSA to recover the data, but Cotter traces the call and closes in. The hitman arrives but Frank and Rebecca are out of the building, watching. As Cotter leaves, Frank follows him.

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7days9.jpg (23935 bytes)7days10.jpg (29823 bytes)At Cotter’s domicile, Frank makes his move and beats the hired gunman into submission. While dunking his head under the bath water, Frank extracts a confession from Cotter.

"Who are you working for?" Frank demands. "Curator!" Cotter answers, but even he doesn’t know who that really is. Franks asks if it was Curator who ordered the bombing and why. Cotter struggling for breath, responds, "Rhodes accessed a file from the central computer, a highly classified undercover operation Curator was heading. Curator got a hold of some plutonium he’s selling to the highest bidders -- like the Serbs."

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7days14.jpg (32606 bytes)7days15.jpg (30494 bytes)Frank calls and tells his agency and the NSA team to meet him at the location Cotter fingered as the exchange point for the plutonium sell.

Frank and Rebecca go down to the docks and wait, but they are seen. As the shootout begins, Luther Bradley reveals to Donovan that he is Curator and pulls a gun on Donovan. Curator admits he was in it for the money and orders his men to kill Frank, Rebecca and Donovan. But Donovan’s team show up just in time. Curator is captured. Rebecca disappears.

Frank and Rebecca had shared several intimate moments in their journey to find the truth, but their romance could never be. Rebecca was really Tatiana Zinkovskya, pulled from her assignment in the NSA because of the "Curator fiasco." Moscow called her home. She was a Russian spy.


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