Six Feet Under

The Secret

Plot: A drama series that takes a darkly comical look at members of a dysfunctional Pasadena family that runs an independent funeral home. With the prodigal elder son (Peter Krause) returning home for the holidays to shattering news, the family must learn to deal with a death of their own, while figuring out how to go ahead with the business of the living. A funny and emotional look at a grieving American family...that just happens to be in the grief management business. Taken from The Internet Movie Database

"Six Feet Under" playing "Swinger Husband" in episode: "The Secret" (episode # 2.10) 5 May 2002 Taken from The Internet Movie Database

Episode description:

SIX FEET UNDER Season 2, Episode 10, first aired 05/05/2002. James plays the part of "Swinger Husband".

Laced with irony and dark situational humor, the show approaches the subject of death through the eyes of the Fisher family, who own and operate a funeral home in Los Angeles.

In this episode Brenda’s engagement anxiety leads her and Melissa on a sexual adventure in a Lifestyle Party (known for threesomes) in Orange County. There they meet a married man (James) and his wife. It doesn’t take the swinger husband long to let his intensions known.


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