The Division


Plot: It's a cop show with a twist. Lifetime's series explores the personal and professional lives of five very different policewomen in San Francisco. "The Division" features action, suspense, crime and cat-and-mouse chases. It also looks at the ups and downs of romance, family, motherhood and female friendships. It's good, old-fashioned drama about working women with real-life problems. Taken from The Internet Movie Database

Episode Description: THE DIVISION Season 2, Episode 12, first aired 04/21/02. James played the role of Henry Lee Menteer.

Kate McCafferty has reservations about a killer turned artist who is up for parole. A friend of Kate’s, a lonely art dealer, asks if she will talk with Menteer for she thinks he has changed. Kate was the one who had arrested Menteer in the first place. She visits Menteer in prison and decides to give him a second chance.

Kate’s friend becomes Menteer’s benefactor and has a showing of his artwork. We see that Henry Lee Menteer has not changed at all when speaking with Kate he admits that he has signed a contract with another art patron. Not wanting his benefactor to know he asks Kate not to tell her. "I don’t want to spoil her day."


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