X-FILES "Theef" Seventh season, episode 14, first airdate 03/12/00. James Morrison played the role of Dr. Robert Wieder

Dr. Robert Wieder, his wife Nan, daughter Lucy, and father-in-law, Dr. Irving Thalbro are arriving home from an awards banquet. Dr. Wieder has just won the San Francisco Bay Area Doctor of the Year Award for "the great wisdom, skill and compassion he exhibits in the practice of medicine." His father-in-law is invited to stay the night. Hours later, though, Robert finds his father-in-law hanging in the atrium, his throat cut, and large, bloody letters splashed across the wall, spelling "Theef."

Scully and Mulder are called to investigate, and every bit of research turns up more bizarre information. Graveyard dirt, shaped like a man, was found in the victim's bed. An analysis of the victim's tissues reveals a rare disease that drove him mad enough to kill himself. Mulder speculates that the illness was inflicted on Irving by the graveyard, or "conjure" dirt.

The next night when Robert turns down the bed, he finds dirt shaped like a man on the sheets. Suddenly, Robert's wife falls to the floor, and is covered with a flesh-eating illness. She is rushed to the hospital. Although Nan is showing signs of recovering, she must go through another MRI. As Nan gets ready for the test, Robert is called away by someone who insists on speaking with him. At the hospital, a man who accuses him of killing his daughter confronts Robert.

Robert remembers the crowd of bus passengers he'd triaged. The girl was dying, and he tried to make her comfortable by increasing her morphine dosage, which probably robbed her of the last twenty minutes of her life. Mr. Peattie believes she could have been saved if he had been there. When Robert returns to treating his wife, she's mysteriously burned to death in the radiation chamber during the MRI. The word "Theef" is burned into her chest.

Robert, Scully and Mulder discuss the confrontation with the angry father. His daughter, treated as a Jane Doe, was named Lynette Peattie. Scully and Mulder search for her grave, and find an empty coffin. Meanwhile Mr. Peattie's landlady enters his room while heís gone. She is looking for a poultice that Peattie had been making for her. She discovered a skeleton in his bed, and called the police. By the time Mulder arrives, Peattie has cleared out.

Scully takes Robert and his daughter to a cabin safe house in the mountains. Peattie follows them. Mulder calls Scully warning her that Peattie was missing and to be on the look out. Mulder tells her that heís on his way to the cabin.

Outside the cabin, Peattie breaks into Scullyís car and takes her ID photo and some hair from the seat. He makes a charm doll and sticks pins into the eyes.

Inside the cabin Scully becomes blind. With gun drawn, she shoots at Peattie as he breaks in. He knocks her aside and heads upstairs where Robert and his daughter are sitting on the floor of the landing. Robert tryís to convince Peattie that he did everything he could for his daughter. Peattie has another cloth doll and sticks a knife into its heart. Lucy screams as Robert falls over grabbing his chest.

Mulder arrives at the cabin and finds the hex doll that Peattie used on Scully. When he pulls the pins from the dollís eyes, Scully can suddenly see. She shoots Peattie before he can kill Robert and his daughter.

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