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In this interesting TV movie based on a true story, Ed Asner plays the Superintendent of the Boston Metro Police Department, Jake Quinn. Jake is assigned to the department with the objective of eliminating deeply rooted corruption from the force. The film reiterates frequently that cops don't squeal on each other. Nevertheless, Jake is able to recruit a third generation lieutenant named Paul, played by James Morrison, to help him collar the ring leader of the crimes.

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Jake has discovered that the highest-ranking man in his department, Captain Jerry Clemente, is "a legend in his own time", pulling patrol heists, and probably involving other officers. Jake asks Paul to tail Jerry, but the worst he can learn is that Jerry frequently visits his mistress while he's on duty.

In the meantime, Jerry confidently persuades his gang of police officers and street criminals to clean out the safe deposit vault from their local bank. As he tells them, "There are two kinds of cops, honest cops and smart cops, and even honest cops don't talk."

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Jake and Paul are sure Jerry was behind the heist, but can't prove anything. Jake begins a subtle program of constant pressure on Jerry and the other officers in his gang, hoping they'll start to turn on each other. Eventually, one of the gang sets up Jerry, in exchange for full immunity, and Jerry is sentenced to 30 to 40 years in prison, while the other gang members get lesser sentences. The proceeds from the bank heist, worth about 25 million dollars, were never recovered.

James appears several times in the movie, as Paul makes frequent status reports to Jake about the case. It's interesting to note that the screenplay was based on the book, written by Gerald Clemente.

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