Fatal Vision (1984) (Made for TV)

North and South Book II (1986) (Made for TV)

Unfinished Business (1987)

An Enemy Of The People (1990) (Made for TV)

Voices from Sandover (1990)

Last Flight Out (1990) (Made for TV)

The Cops Are Robbers (1990) (Made for TV)

Falling Down (1993)

Desert Cross (1994)

Where are My Children? (1994) (Made for TV)

Without Warning (1994) (Made for TV)

White Dwarf (1995) (Made for TV)

Parking (1996) (Written & Directed by James Morrison)

Nude Descending (1998)

Shadow Of Doubt (1998)

Abilene (1998)

The One (2001)

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Wilderness Survival For Girls (2004)

The Strand (2004)

American Gun (2005)

Jarhead (2005)

Far Across Yonder (2005) (Short Film)

Crossing (2006) (Short Film)

The Key (2006) (Short Film)

Reflections (2006) (Short Film)


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