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"Could intelligent life exist elsewhere in our solar system, and if so, do they have the capability of visiting Earth?" Sander Vanocur poses the question in his network's ongoing coverage of a crisis where three asteroids have hit remote locations of Earth, causing earthquakes, fires, power outages and "untold damage". The people of Earth, especially Americans, are shown grappling with "the unthinkable" as a drama of first contact unfolds.

Gradually it's revealed that the three "meteors" fell on a precise trajectory along the 45th parallel, tracing a pyramid exactly over the North Pole. While the Administration continues to claim a natural phenomenon, they launch Hawk fighters armed with nuclear missiles and successfully deflect two new "asteroids" headed for Earth on the same trajectory as the first set.

ww03_small.jpg 4.6Kww04_small.jpg 3.7KMeanwhile, correspondents around the world report on the public's reactions, and interview experts who support or refute growing suspicions that the asteroids are sent from extraterrestrials. James Morrison plays one of the network's foreign correspondents, Paul Whitaker, stationed in Lourdes, France. Dressed in a black sweater and khaki jacket, he appears four times to report on the story of a French skier who was recovered near one of the impact sites. Before dying, the skier's last words are taped and later analyzed by experts, who determine that he was quoting the message sent into space on Voyager 2.

Breaking ranks in Houston, an upset SETI astrophysicist tell reporters that aliens had intended peaceful contact, but were rebuffed by nuclear attack. Heartsick, he reveals that three more missiles are headed for three of Earth's most populous cities, with impact due in nine minutes.

ww05_small.jpg 3.6Kww07_small.jpg 4.7K The U.S. successfully deploys more missiles against the three "asteroids", but rejoicing is momentary as NASA monitors display a new onslaught showering Earth, "too many to track".

Before transmission abruptly ceases, Sander Vanocur quotes from Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", "the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves".

It's fun to note that about a dozen people appear in cameos as themselves, including Arthur C. Clarke. Star Trek fans will enjoy seeing John Delancie play one of the correspondents.

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