The crime stuns the public. The pregnant wife and two young daughters of Captain Jeffrey MacDonald, M.D., have just been brutally murdered. All eyes are on MacDonald. Could a dedicated doctor and brilliant militarist murder his own family in cold blood? After the longest court hearing in military history, charges against the highly respected MacDonald are dropped due to inconclusive evidence. Convinced of his guilty, however, his determined in-laws (Karl Malden and Eva Marie Saint) fight for nearly ten years to reopen the case. This suspenseful trial culminates in a gripping conclusion.

Based on Joe McGinnis' number one best selling book, the highly acclaimed FATAL VISION brings to life one of the most publicized and thought-provoking criminal cases in modern history in a powerful, compelling motion picture. Synopsized from summary on RCA/Columbia video box cover.

James Morrison has exactly one line in this TV movie as a green beret whose testimony is called to support comrade soldier MacDonald, "He had a rare level of communication with Colette and an extraordinary interest in his children."

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