The freeways are clogged, terror stalks our cities, and at shops and restaurants, the customer is seldom right. The pressures of big city life can anger everyone, but Bill Foster is more than angry. He is slipping over the edge and ready to get even.

"I'm going home," Foster says, as he abandons his grid-locked car on the hottest day of the
year. Instead he walks straight into an urban nightmare that is by turns absurdly funny and shatteringly violent.

Academy Award winner Michael Douglas is Foster, an ordinary guy who declares war against the frustrations of daily living. Fellow Oscar winner, Robert Duvall, is the savvy cop obsessed with stopping Foster's city wide rampage. FALLING DOWN is their story. A spellbinding, unconventional thriller that asks, "Are we falling apart?" Review from Warner Bros. video box cover.

James Morrison plays one of many irritating triggers for Foster. As the construction sign man at a bus stop, Morrison asks, "Where you going?" "I'm going home," says Foster. Construction sign man insists, "Not this way, you're not." "Why not?" Foster asks. "Metro Rail Construction, that's why not. Go around. Follow your tootsies."

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