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James Morrison plays: un-named convict in universe 1 and LA police officer Bobby Aldridge in universe 2.

Several police officers walk down the corridor of a police holding unit. They're here to escort prisoner Lawless (Jet Li) to a hearing. As they pass down the corridor, other inmates can be heard cat calling; "You're dead Lawless, dead! Ain't payback a bitch?!"

They enter Lawless' cell, cuff him, strap him into body armor and escort him back the way they came. As he passes one cell, the inmate (James Morrison) leaps up from his bunk and throws a knife at Lawless. It hits the body armor and sticks.

Lawless kicks out at the guy, the bars of the cell door bending as his foot connects. The inmate jumps back from the door in obvious surprise, but then grabs the bars and shouts after the retreating figures "You piece of shit. You're a dead man!"

Despite all the security provided, Lawless escapes.

Another LA Sheriff's holding unit in another universe. Several officers kit up for prisoner escort duty. Only this time, Bobby Aldridge (James Morrison) and Gabriel 'Gabe' Law (Jet Li) are amongst them, rather than on the wrong side of the law

The scenario starts to go down as previously, but things don't go as Lawless plans.

During the ensuing gunfight, Aldridge and the other officers are pinned down in the underground garage by Lawless.

It comes down to a man to man running fight between Gabe and Lawless. Just as Lawless is about to finish off his victim, the Multi-Verse cops show up and cause Lawless to run off, having only winded Gabe.

At the hospital Gabe and TK, his wife, catch up with the other officers involved in the fight, who have brought in a wounded comrade. Gabe thanks them all for saving his life by going after him. They're puzzled; "Back up unit reported you down, we continued pursuit, unsuccessfully."

They ask Gabe to ID the suspect, but he isn't ready to tell them it was someone who looked exactly like himself. Aldridge tells him, "If you remember anything, we'll be down the hall."

While Gabe is getting an MRI exam, he sends TK to find the other officers so that he can get his gun back.

Meanwhile, Lawless has shown up in the MRI suite, closely followed by the Multi-Verse officers.

As Gabe's colleagues and TK are waiting to talk to a doctor, they hear the sounds of gun fire somewhere in the hospital and run to find security. They pile into the security office, but there's nothing on the monitors. Then a call comes in that there's a shooting in imaging radiology and TK tells them that Gabe is there. They are watching on the monitor when the guard who has responded is shot and 'Gabe' runs out of the MRI room.

Aldridge takes charge; "Go! Channel 7!" The other officers take off after the runner, leaving him and TK in the control room with the duty guard. "Swing the camera, follow him." Aldridge co-ordinates with his colleagues by radio, "He cut right at the end of the hall."


TK isn't convinced it was Gabe running and asks the camera operator to cut back to the room. No-one else comes out. She looks desperate and suddenly runs out of the security office with Aldridge hot on her heels; "TK you can't go up there!"

Gabe has put his uniform back on and left the room without anyone seeing him. Walking along the corridor he sees TK, Aldridge and his other colleagues coming in his direction.

As Aldridge is trying to persuade him to give himself up, a male nurse comes up behind Gabe with a syringe. Somehow, Gabe senses him, grabs him and 'disarms' him, kicking the syringe away. The officers rush him and he subdues them all, cuffing them to each other and various bits of furniture, all the time telling them he doesn't want to hurt them. He then runs off.

A little later, Bobby Aldridge catches up with TK as she is leaving the hospital;

"TK, the entire 5th division is looking for him. They understand he's not himself, they know how to bring him in. TK, I am not going to let anything happen to him. If it wasn't for Gabe I wouldn't be in this uniform."

Aldridge insists on seeing her home just in case Gabe was there.

Aldridge and TK are in the leading police unit as they pull up at Law's house. Bobby signals the other officers to search the area and leads TK and 2 other men to the front door. He sends the other 2 officers in first, making TK wait until they give the all clear. Once he and she enter, she moves towards the stairs, but he restrains her. "Let them have a look first."

"I've gotta do my girl stuff. Please."

Aldridge isn't happy but he acquiesces, letting her follow them up the staircase.

At the bedroom door, he stops, hearing voices. He pushes it open, leading with his pistol, but there's no-one there.

The TV is playing and TK lies about leaving it on when she got the call to go to the hospital.

Bobby seems to believe her. He continues to check the bedroom as she enters the bathroom, finding blood on the soap. She tries to persuade him to go, asking him for some privacy.

Aldridge apologizes, "Sorry TK.", holsters his weapon, does one last check, and says "I'll be right outside." He leaves the room and closes the door, taking up position in the hallway.

TK goes into the closet, looking for her husband. He is in the loft. He wants a weapon. While she is getting one for him, she looks out of the window and sees another 'Gabe' on the roof of a garage across the way.

She tests the man in the crawl space with only questions Gabe would know. He gives himself away. It is Lawless.

TK calls for Bobby, who runs into the room just as Lawless jumps from the loft space, grabbing the gun. He shoots Aldridge and kills TK before escaping by jumping out of the window. It is not clear whether Aldridge is dead or wounded, but he is not wearing protective gear, so it is to be assumed he is dead.

Mr. Morrison makes Bobby Aldridge a human and believable character. This is an officer of the law who you can trust to carry out his duty. It seems clear that he doesn't want to believe Gabe is capable of the things it seems he has done, but is going to get his man into custody, and get him some help rather than let him run around and hurt more people simply because they have history together.

James also seemed to have fun playing the convict at the beginning of the movie, getting to mouth off and be a bad boy for a bit. He plays angry (or is that psychotic?) very well, though I have to say the black jumpsuit of the law keeper suits him better than the orange of the law breaker.


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