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October 4: A note from James....Well, we're moved in the house and the big work is done. Now it's just the little, never ending homeowner stuff that you just chip away at over time. But believe me, I've learned things you can do with a hammer and screw gun that would astound you. (And I've learned a lot about construction, too.)  ;)

We started rehearsing COYOTE ON A FENCE by Bruce Graham this week. I play John Brennan, a man on death row. Produced by Kristen Cloke at the Alliance Repertory Company in Burbank, it's the West Coast Premiere. The play's been done in NY, Philadelphia and Chicago so far, I think. You can find out more about it if you do a search.

I've signed to do an independent film called STRANGERS SUITE. Directed by Sergio Giral, a well-known Cuban filmmaker who now lives in America. Nelson Gayton produces the script by Giral and Armando Dorrego. We begin shooting in Miami around Thanksgiving.

And, of course, THE ONE opens nationwide on November 2. That's about it from this end.


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September 15: Last December, James Morrison costarred as Bill Starbuck in a staged reading of N. Richard Nash's "The Rainmaker". It's now available from LA Theatre Works as 2 CDs or 2 cassettes, for a running time of 110 minutes. You can order it online or by calling 800-708-8863, faxing 310-827-4949, or e-mailing LATW with your credit card info.
Information provided by Kate Duncan

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June 5: The One premieres early November 2001.

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March 11: James Morrison started filming with Jet Li on February 5. James will have some fight scenes, but there is no information on what type of fight scenes at this time. He reported that he is having a great time filming with Jet and the other cast.

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January 24: James Morrison will play a role in Morgan and Wong's film, THE ONE, starring Jet Li. Negotiations have completed, and Morrison will take a substantial role in this film; playing a "good guy" this time. He is an LA cop and one of Jet Li's partners on the force. Shooting for James' character will begin sometime in early February. Details Shooting will take approximately two months. Morrison is not required to do any martial arts fighting in this role. If that changes, we'll post details here as soon as we receive any new information.

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January 20: James Morrison is in negotiation to play a role in Morgan and Wong's film, THE ONE, starring Jet Li. Production is scheduled to begin January 29.

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