This page is dedicated to the 'James Gang' who made this site possible.

Donaree Brannon and Melissa Ciandro, members of the JMDG (James Morrison Discussion Group) contacted each other in February 1997.  They had learned earlier that they both lived in the San Diego area.  Initial conversations over the phone were concerned with James Morrison's career and what he had done prior to Space: Above and Beyond.  As there were no sources readily available, they decided to put their heads together and make an attempt to find out.  Any information developed during this project would be made available to the JMDG List.

Melissa spent a significant amount of time after work in the local library researching publications such as World Theater, London Theater Record and The San Diego Union newspaper for data concerning James Morrison's appearances.

Using the data developed by Melissa, Donaree began her research by calling out of state theaters, libraries, newspapers as well as others "in the business" that were more than happy to help.  The material developed far exceeded their expectations.

It's around this time that
Allison Sills joined the group. Allison, who received her BA in English, put it to good use editing most synopses during the first two years of this site.  In addition to researching articles via the Internet and libraries, she also wrote original movie and TV reviews including White Dwarf, Last Flight Out and Quantum Leap.

Adam Brannon, learning that the distribution of the material to the JMDG List would be too expensive, suggested as an alternate that they should create a web site.  Adam, with his vast knowledge of computers and graphics, volunteered to create the website and serve as webmaster.

On July 20, 1997, after many hours of rewriting, changing graphics and scanning photos, the James Morrison: Life Of An Actor site premiered.

Allison, has since moved on to other pursuits. 
Kenneth Brannon, a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Business Administration, has agreed to sit in the editor's chair for an indeterminate period of time.

The "James Gang", as they call themselves, continues to develop additional site material.

Lin Ward has joined the "James Gang" as our newest reviewer. Take a look at "Without Warning", her first project.

On March 28, 2004, Muriel “Mogs” Moore joined the James Gang. Her reviews of 10-8, CSI MIAMI and NCIS will appear soon in the Green Room.

Kimberley “Rusalka” Heljenek joined the James Gang on June 27, 2004. Kim created a review of Wilderness Survival For Girls, which appears in the Cinema. She also wrote a short meeting with James listed on the Encounter page.

Lisa Glover joined the James Gang on October 13, 2006. You can read 3 of her great reviews in the Cinema. They are The One, American Gun and The Strand - Venice.


Other Contributors

Binky Vollmer

Binky Vollmer joined the "James Gang" on January 18, 1998. She has captured pictures for the site. FRASIER was her first contribution followed by BEYOND BELIEF, "The Portrait."

Rhonda Lane

Rhonda Lane, a professional journalist, joined the team on February 4, 1998. Rhonda had the happy task of watching and reviewing some of James’ TV episodes. Her first review was BEYOND BELIEF, "The Portriat", followed by BROOKLYN SOUTH.

Renee Goetz

Renee provided an additional resource for researching back issues of Drama-Logue at UCLA.

Frances McCarthy

Frances was our East-Coast contact. She researched local libraries for information concerning plays James Morrison had appeared in at McCarter Theater.

Karen Eaton

Karen contributed material (and comic relief).


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