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December 17:  CATCH ME IF YOU CAN opens in theaters on Christmas Day. James has a very small part as a pilot.

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During June 2003, James will be assisting Tracey Rich and Ganga White with the Yoga Teacher Training Program at the White Lotus Foundation.  Information:  info@whitelotus.org

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November 8: The JAG episode that James has a part in will play on Tuesday, November 12th at 8PM ET/PT. The episode is titled READY OR NOT. Harm is forced to defend a General (James Morrison) who is being charged with reckless endangerment and failing to follow tactics and protocol during a routine exercise.

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October 2:  James completed shooting in Colorado for the independent film thriller,  A GIRLS GUIDE TO THE WILDERNESS. The cast consists of four teenage girls and James.


During the second week of October, James will be shooting for an episode of JAG.

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August 22: James has a part in an independent film thriller that starts shooting in September. The title is currently, "A Girls Guide to the Wilderness." The film was written, produced and directed by Eli Despres and Kim Roberts.

During October James will be teaching one of his visiting lectures in filmmaking at Bournemouth University.

James will also be doing a short film for Barry Caldwell sometime in December. The working title for this project is "Lazarus Girl."

Now that James is a fully certified yoga teacher, he is teaching five to six yoga classes a week. He continues to work on projects for his new house in Los Angles.

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June 1:  After a busy first few months of work this year, James is using the spring to accomplish some personal projects. In addition to working on his new house, he has now become a fully certified yoga teacher.

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May 23:  James Morrison has finished four projects in the last few months. He participated in a short film, SURVIVINí THE ISLAND, by Joseph Reitman. You can view the film at: http://www.ifilm.com/ifilm/product/film_info/0,3699,2422346,00.html


He also had a small role in the popular HBO series, SIX FEET UNDER. The episode, THE SECRET, has already run, but you can look for it in the summer season.


Playing an artist who is in prison for murder, James had a great part in the Lifetime Channelís, THE DIVISION. Again this episode has played and you should look for the episode, ILLUSIONS, during the summer reruns.


Morrison has completed his work on the film, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.

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January 24:  James Morrison will be doing a role on the Lifetime Channel's THE DIVISION. He plays a charming and talented artist, Harry Lee Menteer, who just happens to also be a vicious murderer.

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January 09: In February and April, James Morrison will be filming for a very small (but pivotal) role in the upcoming Spielberg film, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

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January 05: James Morrison will be filming a national AUDI commercial on January 13, 14, and 15. No dialogue. The role is a German architect looking at a Michelangelo exhibit.

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January 1:  COYOTE ON A FENCE will open January 18 at the Alliance Repertory Theatre, 3204 W. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank CA. James Morrison plays the role of John Brennan.  Information provided by Kate Duncan

The film Strangers Suite has been put on hold

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October 4 2001: A note from James....Well, we're moved in the house and the big work is done. Now it's just the little, never ending homeowner stuff that you just chip away at over time. But believe me, I've learned things you can do with a hammer and screw gun that would astound you. (And I've learned a lot about construction, too.)  ;)

We started rehearsing COYOTE ON A FENCE by Bruce Graham this week. I play John Brennan, a man on death row. Produced by Kristen Cloke at the Alliance Repertory Company in Burbank, it's the West Coast Premiere. The play's been done in NY, Philadelphia and Chicago so far, I think. You can find out more about it if you do a search.

I've signed to do an independent film called STRANGERS SUITE. Directed by Sergio Giral, a well-known Cuban filmmaker who now lives in America. Nelson Gayton produces the script by Giral and Armando Dorrego. We begin shooting in Miami around Thanksgiving.

And, of course, THE ONE opens nationwide on November 2. That's about it from this end.


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