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December 4: James has taken a "small but pivotal" role in the film, Jarhead, directed by academy Award winning director, Sam Mendes. Based on former Marine Anthony Swofford's best-selling 2003 book about his pre-Desert Storm experiences in Saudi Arabia and about his experiences fighting in Kuwait. James will play Swofford's father.

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October 31: James has been contracted to be in the first two episodes of POINT PLEASANT. Filming will begin some time during the first few weeks of November in San Diego.

James will play the protagonist's father, Kingston Nickson, a "controlling, arcane man from old money."

The series is set to start on Fox Broadcasting early in 2005 http://www.foxnow.com/pointpleasant/

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September 25: In early September James did an episode of CBS TV series COLD CASE. Title of the episode is "It's Raining Men." James plays a character named Carson Finch at ages 40 and 60. Season Premiere of COLD CASE is Sunday October 3rd, at 8PM ET/PT. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/cold_case/

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August 28: In early September James will be doing an episode of the CBS TV series COLD CASE. Title of the episode is IT'S RAINING MEN.

James will also be shooting a short film in September titled, THE KEY. James plays the love interest in the film, which is written and directed by Todd Kaufman based on the short story, "The Key" by Isaac Bashhevis Singer. It stars Kristen Shaw.

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July 10:  James will be taking a role in AMERICAN GUN, an independent film written by Aric Avelino and Steve Bagatourian, directed by Avelino. It's produced by IFC and stars Forrest Whitaker and Marcia Gay Hardin.

"GUN" explores a series of interwoven story lines focusing on how the proliferation of guns in America affects and shapes lives, often inciting dramatic shifts in both behavior and outlook.

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May 18: WILDERNESS SURVIVAL FOR GIRLS: The film will receive its world premiere screenings at the 2004 Los Angeles Film Festival. The festival schedule shows the screenings will be:

• Tue. June 22,  7:15pm
• Fri.  June 25,  9:30pm

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May 18: POINT PLEASANT was not picked up for series. It's impossible to know right now if the pilot will ever be shown.

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April 11: James has left the production of IT WASN'T PROUST at the MET Theatre.

James has joined the cast of THE STRAND project, written and directed by Daniel Myrick of BLAIR WITCH PROJECT fame. It is about life in Venice, CA. James plays the character, Ian. The "project" could be a pilot or film. Check out site: http://www.gearheadpictures.com/thestrand/

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April 1: James will be doing a new Sam Shepard one act play at the MET Theatre for their 30th anniversary celebration. It’s called. IT WASN’T PROUST, adapted from a book of stories Great Dream of Heaven. This will be the world premiere, as far as we know.

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March 31: WILDERNESS SURVIVAL FOR GIRLS will premiere at the 2004 Los Angeles Film Festival in June. The festival office will announce the official program in mid-May.

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March 23: James Morrison has taken a role in POINT PLEASANT, drama pilot for FOX. He will be playing the protagonist’s father, Kingston Nickson, a “controlling, arcane man from old money.” If POINT PLEASANT goes to series, the role will be recurring.

It is described as a cross between Peyton Place and The Omen. Original Television and 20th Century Fox Television are behind the project, which centers on a beachside community that is turned upside down when a mysterious girl washes ashore.

The series' protagonist is Christina Nickson, a 17-year-old described as "angelic, mysterious, very bright and very intense." While her wealthy father lives in New York City, she has been shuffled off to boarding school for most of her life, dubbing herself a "Park Avenue Orphan."

The one-hour drama pilot is in consideration for the 2004-2005 network season. Filming for the pilot began in early March.

Information at:

Film Jerk

TV Tome

Be sure to check out James’ official site for more information.

Go to: http://www.xmission.com/~spectral/jm/


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March 18: One of James Morrison's most famous and endearing productions turned 5 years old today. Happy Birthday Seamus!

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