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Information concerning Projects 2006 is currently being provided by Jack Vetterli.

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November 6: Riad Galayini's short film CROSSING, in which James Morrison costars, has collected two more awards: it was Best Story winner at the Big Mountain Short Film Festival, and finished in second place at the Urban Mediamakers Festival. CROSSING will next be in competition at The 5th Miami Short Film Festival in Miami, FL, November 27 through December 3.
(Information provided by Kate Duncan)

WILDERNESS SURVIVAL for GIRLS (the film) will open theatrically in Denver, on December 8, at the Starz Film Center and Chicago, on December 15, at the Facets Cinematheque. It will play for one week in each city. If it does well, then the distributor will keep rolling it out city by city.
It's also scheduled for an April 17 video release date. The video distributor is Image Entertainment.
(Information provided by Jack Vettrli)

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September 21: CROSSING will be shown at the Big Mountain Short Film Festival in Ohakune, New Zealand held October 20 – 22.

THE KEY will be shown at the 7th annual Ojai Film Festival in Ojai, California on October 13th and October 15th.

THE KEY has also been accepted to the 6th annual Whistler Film Fest in British Columbia. It will screen November 30 – December 4.

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September 3: Riad Galayini and James Morrison's short film CROSSING is going international. It will be in competition at the Salento International Film Festival, September 9-17 in Tricase, Italy.

CROSSING: http://www.crossingmovie.com/
Salento International Film Festival: http://www.salentofilmfestival.com/
(Information provided by Kate Duncan)

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August 21: Yoga Annual Labor Day Retreat at the White Lotus Foundation, with James Morrison, Tracey Rich and Ganga White will be held on September 1st – 4th, 2006. Information at: http://www.whitelotus.org/programs/retreats/laborday/index.shtml

SHOWING UP is a documentary of our finest actors reflecting on their most memorable audition experiences and what the process means. This film is directed by Riad Galayini, produced by James Morrison with producers Ash Adams and Riad Galayini. Part of the proceeds from SHOWING UP will be donated to the Motion Picture and Television Fund and the Actor’s Fund of America. Read project at: http://www.spectraldesign.com/jm/curprj-show.html

THE KEY, a short film written and directed by Todd Kaufman, has been accepted to the Los Angeles Short Film Festival (September 5th – 14th). THE KEY will be World Premiering at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood. It screens on September 9th at 5:45pm in Theater 9 as part of Program #56. James has a wonderful role in this short as Raymond. Check out: http://www.thekeythemovie.com/Home.html

FAR ACROSS YONDER, a screenplay by James Morrison and directed by Riad Galayini was the Finalist 2005 Script P.I.M.P. Screenplay Competition, Finalist Emerging Narrative Screenplay Award IFP Market 2005 and First Place Winner Century City Screenplay Competition. James has the role of Billy

CROSSING, written and directed by Riad Galayini won the Grand Prize in NYC’s Chicks with Flicks Film Festival. James has the role of Dad and Riad plays the school teacher.

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July 31: James and Riad are working on a documentary titled SHOWING UP. In this documentary our finest actors reflect on their most memorable audition experiences and what the process means. Director - Riad Galayini. Producers - Ash Adams and Riad. Galayini. Produced by James Morrison. Read the project description/synopsis

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May 15: James starts work on REFLECTIONS, a short film in the suspense/horror genre written by Mark Garbett and directed by Barry L. Caldwell for Safehouse Films. James plays Dr. Paul Wolley, a psychiatrist.

The short film CROSSING will be screened on May 19 at the 2006 Big Island Film Festival in Waikoloa, Hawaii.

WILDERNESS SURVIVAL FOR GIRLS has been picked up for distribution by Image/Content Films. Looks like it will drop on DVD in October, possibly following a limited release to cinemas.

Participant Productions has picked up AMERICAN GUN, the film in which James plays a high school principal. Hopefully that means we’ll soon get to see it on the big screen.
Information for May 15th provided by Kate Duncan. Thank you, Kate.

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April 3: AMERICAN GUN opened March 24th in a limited release in New York and Los Angeles. The film gives us three stories about the prevalence of, and easy access to, handguns in America: one story takes place in a gun shop, one at a school recovering from a Columbine-like massacre (James Morrison plays the principal), and one in a inner-city school that’s becoming more violent.

AMERICAN GUN is also supposed to be coming to Pay-Per-View.
Information provided by Kate Duncan

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February 2: Participant Productions has picked up AMERICAN GUNS, the film which James Morrison plays a high school principal. AMERICAN GUN looks at the powerful effect of guns on American culture through three fictional stories.
Information provided by Kate Duncan

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January 31: James Morrison and Roger Cross appeared on the NBC entertainment show EXTRA doing a promo for 24.
Information provided by Kate Duncan

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January 22: James has been cast in a short film, REFLECTIONS, to be directed by Barry Caldwell from a screenplay by Mark Garbett. Filming is scheduled for February.
Information provided by Kate Duncan
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January 17: CROSSING, a short film that James appears in, will premiere at the Park City Film Music Festival in January. CROSSING was written and directed by Riad Galayini. Check site for screening schedule. http://parkcityfilmmusicfestival.com

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